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 Why are ordinary pillows risky?                                                  

Ordinary pillows can obstruct the mouth and nostrils and prevent air reaching the lungs. Even a few minutes of oxygen starvation can cause irreversible brain damage and possibly brain death (‘persistent vegetative state’). The risk is much greater during a seizure because the person affected will not be conscious enough to avoid the danger. The risk is increased if they are taking medicines which depress breathing.

Sleep-Safe pillows will not mould around the face to obstruct the mouth and nose, and will not aggravate breathing problems that are already present.

Sleep-Safe pillows are designed specifically
to help prevent suffocation.
Epilepsy in children and adults
Kills about 1,100 people
each year :
National Sentinel Clinical Audit into Epilepsy Related Deaths
This Audit found that due to inadequate care about 1,100 people die every year as a result of epilepsy. Around half the deaths are sudden and unexpected, and occur usually at night. The Audit estimated that about four in every ten deaths from epilepsy are preventable.
Respiratory Distress linked to
Seizure Deaths :
Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry
An ongoing case-control study of sudden unexpected death in epilepsy has found that 80% of patients with chronic epilepsy whose deaths were witnessed had respiratory distress as well as generalised seizures. “The witness accounts of these deaths stated that the subjects experienced breathing difficulties, which seemed to be a significant factor”.

Sleep-Safe Breathability and Airflow surpasses the British Standard:
Sleep-Safe breathability has been tested with a 4kg reproduction `head' to simulate adult inspiratory flow (The British Standard test only simulates `infant' breathing)

Parent's Recommendation...
“My son was admitted to the Foothills Hospital Seizure Monitoring Unit here in Calgary.
They showed me a video one of the seizures in the middle of the night. My son turns his head to the right side at the onset of his seizures. I watched the video of my son laying on his right side, turning his head to the right, with his face directly in to the pillow. Of course, this was alarming! But even as I was watching, I knew he was OK because he was sleeping with Sleep-Safe pillows that I recently purchased from your company. When my son was admitted to hospital, I brought his Sleep-Safe pillows to the hospital, because now that I have them, I no longer feel comfortable with him sleeping with any other pillows”.

Clinical Support for Anti-Suffocation Pillows...