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 The Benefits of Sleep-Safe Pillows
How Sleep-Safe PROTECTS...
Sleep-Safe Anti-Suffocation Pillows have 6 features which provide
6 benefits to help prevent suffocation:

(In these pictures, the 'rippled' surface is greatly exaggerated to show how Sleep-Safe works)

1. Breathability - Sleep-Safe pillows are hand-made from a special soft, highly porous foam with an open cell structure, this means that it has much greater 'breathability' than ordinary down, feather or hollowfibre pillows.

2. Profiled Surface - Sleep-Safe pillows have a gentle, rippled surface which provides a profusion of air spaces between the surface of the pillow and the micromesh cover. This means that air can pass more freely over the surface of the pillow, even when supporting the weight of a sleeping person’s head. In these pictures, the 'rippled' surface is greatly exaggerated, to show how it works. The actual pillow has a very smoothly rippled surface.

Pillows with and without net cover

3. Hypoallergenic - no adhesives or welding chemicals are used in making Sleep-Safe pillows, this means that there are no volatile ‘leftovers’ to cause allergic reactions, asthma attacks or breathing difficulties.

4. Easily washable - Benefits of the `Take-Apart' Feature: Sleep-Safe can be washed and dried in one piece or taken apart and the components washed separately. This means that any soiling and house dust mites and airborne particles which cause allergic reactions or breathing difficulties can be washed out of the entire pillow in a single wash.

5. Aero-Matrix - an inner core with multiple Aero-Chamber cavities

Aero Cavity

6. Thru-Channelling - breathable air ducts formed through the Sleep-Safe pillow


The Rippled Surfaces, the Aero-Matrix Chambers and the Thru-Channelling work together:

Any head movement compresses and decompresses the core Aero-Matrix chambers, causing air to flow through the sides and ends of the pillow and the Thru-Channelling, to pass around the face and help prevent suffocation

Airflow is enabled throughout the whole depth of the pillow, and through the sides and ends of the pillow

Exhaled breath and carbon dioxide is carried away from the user’s nose and mouth
This means that Sleep-Safe is a 'Dynamic' pillow with unique advantages -
any head movement pumps air to pass around the head to help
prevent suffocation.

The Benefits -

'Protect them While they Sleep, and give yourself Peace of Mind'