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 Ordinary Pillows can Kill
After I qualified as a pharmacist, and my wife as a health visitor (a registered nurse with an additional qualification whose main areas of responsibility are health education and the preventative care of families, including mothers and children) I developed Sleep-Safe pillows because our son's seizures were making us desperately concerned about his safety while he slept. During the convulsions his breathing became spasmodic and laboured, for brief periods he would cease breathing entirely and he would contort terribly. On several occasions we found him forcefully wedged into his pillow, and we feared very much that if he became tightly entrapped during a sleep seizure he would suffer brain injury or even die due to lack of oxygen. We could minimise sheets and blankets, but all standard domestic pillows seemed fundamentally unsafe.

Death from suffocation can result within minutes when a child or adult suffering a seizure becomes entrapped in an ordinary pillow which blocks the nose and mouth. Even if saved from death, oxygen starvation brain injury may result in lifelong disability and dependency.
We know of several parents and carers who have suffered a family bereavement in this way, and it has been reported in the medical lierature since the 1970's.
For 24 years, routinely, emergency supplies of Sleep-Safe have been made after near-fatal suffocation incidents affecting personal users and care provider organisations. Sleep seizures are probably thought of as 'one of those things that won't happen to us', but even a non-fatal sleep seizure episode can have lifelong adverse health outcomes for the sufferer and will almost certainly have long, drwan-out regulatory and legal consequences for care managers and staff.
Sleep-Safe Anti-Suffocation pillows can help to prevent these outcomes.
Increasingly, health and social care providers are conducting care assessment audits of their patients and residents to establish precisely who needs protection against the risk of suffocation during sleep seizures. Sleep-Safe anti-suffocation pillows are then provided to all those at risk, as a preventive measure, 'before the event'.

Sleep-Safe Breathability and Airflow surpasses the British Standard:
Sleep-Safe breathability has been tested with a 4kg reproduction `head' to simulate adult inspiratory flow (The British Standard test only simulates `infant' breathing)

Parent's Recommendation...
“My son was admitted to the Foothills Hospital Seizure Monitoring Unit here in Calgary.
They showed me a video one of the seizures in the middle of the night. My son turns his head to the right side at the onset of his seizures. I watched the video of my son laying on his right side, turning his head to the right, with his face directly in to the pillow. Of course, this was alarming! But even as I was watching, I knew he was OK because he was sleeping with Sleep-Safe pillows that I recently purchased from your company. When my son was admitted to hospital, I brought his Sleep-Safe pillows to the hospital, because now that I have them, I no longer feel comfortable with him sleeping with any other pillows”.

Clinical Support for Anti-Suffocation Pillows...