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 Extra Benefits for Carers and Families
The benefits of Sleep-Safe anti-suffocation pillows go beyond just helping
to prevent the death or injury of the person suffering from seizures.

Sleep-Safe pillows also provide reassurance to parents, partners and carers by reducing the fear of suffocation
of a loved one, fear that can lead to disturbed sleep patterns, anxiety and depression, and a profound deterioration
in the quality of life for the entire family.

Sometimes, there certainly is a place for electronic alarms and monitors - but these demand action by carers when activated and are expected to work with 100% certainty for 100% of the time. However, that kind of excellence is usually found only in specialised electro-medical monitoring equipment used in hospital settings.

Sleep-Safe pillows don't require carer intervention in order to 'work properly' - they are designed to help prevent fatal suffocation events during sleep seizures occurring in domestic or care settings where 24-hour continuous monitoring is not entirely practical.

This means that Sleep-Safe pillows also help to reduce greatly the “carer anxiety” of sleep seizures - the fear of suffocation. This helps to put carers and patients back in control of their lives by relieving a significant cause of family stress and making management of the condition which is causing the seizures - stroke, aftermath of head injury, meningitis, etc - much less demanding.