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The micromesh pillow cases supplied with Sleep-Safe are dye-free and hypoallergenic.
- Fabric dyes may cause
severe allergies which
could trigger seizures
in susceptible people.

UK made from UK sourced materials
UK Hand-made in a workshop employing people with disabilities
UK University lab tested for effectiveness
UK Product Safety and Fire Regulations compliant
UK Government Registered Class I Medical Device
Top picture: A bedside light behind the Sleep-Safe pillow shows that "What you can See-Through you can Breathe-Through"...
Middle picture: An ordinary pillow blocking the nose and mouth
Bottom picture: A Sleep-Safe pillow won't block the nose and mouth (Ripples enlarged to show surface airflow around nose and mouth)
Sleep-Safe Don't contain Latex Foam, which can cause allergies, or Memory Foam, which can trap heat and also compress and impede airflow.
Sleep-Safe Do contain
a soft, highly porous material with an open cell structure that allows much greater 'breathability' than ordinary pillows. The gentle, rippled surface of Sleep-Safe pillows provides a profusion of air spaces between the surface of the pillow and the removable micromesh cover.
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25th Anniversary, founded in 1992
UK made from UK sourced materials: no imports
from low-wage countries using exploited workers...
A family company, run by healthcare professionals,
 Focussed on Healthcare Integrity... Read More
 How can you protect someone
against  suffocating during seizures
While they're asleep?
- By using Sleep-Safe ®
Anti-Suffocation Pillows!
Protect them while they sleep,
and give yourself peace of mind

- Support that makes a difference to people's lives
Designed and developed by a UK pharmacist to help
prevent people with epilepsy dying during sleep seizures...
NEW: ''What you can See-Through, You can Breathe-Through"
Take-Apart Design Now Available

For personal purchasers, charities and VAT Exempt care homes
For Local Authorities and companies

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